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 Section 1: The Committee’s Task and Review Process
1.1 The Committee and its Task
In 2015, Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. appointed an ad hoc committee to eval- uate the implementation of the Criminal Justice Act of 1964 (hereinafter “CJA”)1 and public defense in the federal courts generally. Chaired by U.S. District Judge Kathleen Cardone from the Western District of Texas, the Committee is comprised of federal judges, an assistant circuit executive, federal defenders, a CJA panel attorney, a law professor, and a corporate lawyer who previously served as United States Attorney. Committee member biographies are included in Appendix A to this report.
In an April 2015 memorandum announcing the Committee’s creation, James Duff, Director of the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, explained that “Judicial Conference policy supports a periodic, comprehensive, and impartial review of the CJA program” and listed the following 14 issues for the Committee to address:
1. The impact of judicial involvement in the selection and compensation of federal public defenders and the independence of federal defender organizations (federal public defenders and community defenders);
2. Equal employment and diversity efforts in federal defender organizations;
3. Judicial involvement in the appointment, compensation, and management of panel attorneys and investigators, experts, and other service providers;
4. The adequacy of compensation for legal services provided under the CJA, including maximum amounts of compensation and parity of resources relative to the prosecution;
1 18U.S.C.§3006A.
No recommendation presented herein represents
the policy of the Judicial Conference of the United 2 0 1 7 R E P O R T O F T H E A D H O C C O M M I T T E E T O R E V I E W T H E C R I M I N A L J U S T I C E A C T 1
 States unless approved by the Conference itself.

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