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 Appendix I: Position Letter from Defender Services Committee
Catherine C. Blake
Sharon Lovelace Blackburn Kathleen Cardone
Raner C. Collins
Jonathan W. Feldman Katharine Sweeney Hayden Gladys Kessler
Raymond J. Lohier, Jr. Jane E. Magnus-Stinson Harry S. Mattice, Jr. Landya McCafferty Eric F. Melgren
John A. Ross
Honorable Kathleen Cardone United States District Court Albert Armendariz, Sr.
United States Courthouse
525 Magoffin Avenue, Room 561 El Paso, TX 79901
Dear Judge Cardone,
(410) 962-3220
(410) 962-6836
Judicial Conference of the United States Committee on Defender Services United States Courthouse
101 West Lombard Street, Room 7310 Baltimore, Maryland 21201-2605
July 22, 2016
 Thank you for your service as Chair of the Ad Hoc Committee to Review the CJA.
Services Committee appreciated the opportunity to meet with your committee in June, and this letter is to formally submit the Defender Services Committee’s positions discussed with you at that time.
The Defender Services Committee (DSC) unanimously recommends the following changes to the Defender Services program as a minimum threshold:
1. The Defender Services Office (DSO) should be restored to a position of greater independence within the Administrative Office (AO). Specifically, DSO should report directly to the Director of the AO and should not be within any other Department.
2. The Defender IT functions should be returned to DSO and DSO should receive the staff and funding adequate to support those functions.
3. Jurisdiction over federal defender office compensation, staffing, and training should be restored to the DSC.
4. The DSC should have a panel attorney and at least one federal defender as voting members.
5. Judicial involvement in voucher review and approval of expert services should be
eliminated or significantly reduced. Possible models already in place that could be expanded as an interim step include the use of CJA supervising attorneys or case budgeting attorneys; voucher review managed through the federal defender’s office; or local CJA
No recommendation presented herein represents
the policy of the Judicial Conference of the United 2 0 1 7 R E P O R T O F T H E A D H O C C O M M I T T E E T O R E V I E W T H E C R I M I N A L J U S T I C E A C T 279
States unless approved by the Conference itself.
The Defender

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