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9.2.3 Capital Habeas Units (CHUs)
Nineteen of the 81 federal defender offices have Capital Habeas Units (CHUs). These units primarily represent state prisoners sentenced to death whose con- victions have proceeded through state court appellate and collateral review and are now before the federal court in § 2254 proceedings. CHUs also handle § 2255 motions for prisoners sentenced to death following conviction of a capital-eligi- ble offense in federal court. The following federal defender offices currently sup- port CHUs:
1. Middle District of Alabama
2. District of Arizona
3. Eastern District of Arkansas
4. Central District of California
5. Eastern District of California
6. District of Delaware
7. Northern District of Florida
8. Northern District of Georgia
9. District of Idaho
10. Western District of Missouri
11. District of Nevada
12. Northern District of Ohio
13. Southern District of Ohio
14. Western District of Oklahoma
15. Eastern District of Pennsylvania
16. Middle District of Pennsylvania
17. Western District of Pennsylvania
18. Eastern District of Tennessee
19. Middle District of Tennessee
Two new CHUs—for the Western and Northern Districts of Texas—have been budgeted for FY 2018. A CHU has also been authorized for the Middle District of Florida and the Southern District of Indiana, which will be funded in FY 2019.
Because of their specialized skill and experience, CHU attorneys are often appointed to represent defendants in other federal districts. However, unless the district’s CJA plan provides for such representation, these appointments must be approved by DSO after notice to the chief judge of both the circuit in which the CHU is located as well as the circuit where the appointment will be made.
9.2.4 Habeas Assistance and Training Counsel (HATs)
The Habeas Assistance and Training Counsel Project (HAT), established in 1996 by DSO, provides assistance to courts and counsel in § 2254 federal death penalty
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