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 A critical advantage of any electronic billing program is the ability to collect and analyze relevant information. The eVoucher program has the potential to pro- vide much-needed data, but the national reporting capabilities are not currently activated to collect the data the program needs for proper management. For exam- ple, eVoucher is not currently enabled to collect information on voucher cutting.351 Additionally, the system does not mandate the input of an explanation before a reduction to a submitted voucher. Both of these would provide valuable information for the CJA program. Because the AO, which has the power to determine the infor- mation-gathering capabilities of eVoucher, has not enabled these features, the data required to thoroughly monitor, track, and understand how the CJA program oper- ates across the country remains inadequate.
Further, the governance and oversight of the eVoucher program is not currently placed with the entities that have been tasked with oversight of the CJA program: DSO and DSC. The program is currently managed out of the Case Management Systems Office.352 While this office may seek input from DSO and DSC, it is an addi- tional level of bureaucracy between the management of the system and the main stakeholders in its use.
The Judicial Conference and Congress increasingly expect that available data will be used to justify requests for program resources and then efficiently manage them. Transfer of authority over the eVoucher program to DSC and DSO would facilitate the management of the systematic collection and use of data to better proj- ect needs and oversee the CJA program. Judge Catherine Blake, former chair of the Defender Services Committee, explained, “Nationally, an electronic voucher process- ing system would give the Committee more accurate and timely projections of future payments and obligations....That will help us prepare our appropriations request to Congress and responsibly manage the overall defender services program.”353 •
 351 Forexample,whilethesystemcanshowamountsclaimedandamountspaid,thosefigurescould reflect vouchers that had withholds, etc. Therefore it is not a reliable indication of voucher reductions made as a part of the court’s reasonableness review. Though this particular issue may be addressed in an upcoming eVoucher release, there are still many similar data issues that need to be addressed.
352 SeesupraSection3.3.3forinformationaboutthestructureoftheAO.
353 Nevada-GrowneVoucherSystemGoingNational,U.S.Courts,May7,2014.
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