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Each of the three districts chose to maintain the position, even though JCUS did not continue to provide dedicated funding. However, JCUS did recommend that other districts create “supervising attorney positions in courts that would find it of value.”346
4.4 eVoucher
eVoucher is “an automated solution for the paper-based Criminal Justice Act (CJA) vouchering system to prepare, submit, review, and certify CJA vouchers for pay- ment. It is designed with built-in features to support other CJA-related business functions from case budgeting to reporting.”347 The program,
eliminates paper and manual processing. An attorney electronically sends a voucher to the court. The court reviews and audits electroni- cally, then sends it to the judge electronically, and when appropriate it is electronically sent to the circuit for review and approval. It can also be sent back to the clerk’s office or back to the attorney if a clarification or modification is needed.348
Attorney vouchers, as well as those for experts and other service providers, are submitted and reviewed in eVoucher.
Some witnesses who testified before this Committee also offered positive views of eVoucher. A panel attorney said, “eVoucher filing has made it tremendously better for us in not only getting paid but also in letting the court know what it is we’ve done on the case....You can type in as much as you need.”349 This attorney believes the information helps judges understand the work that goes into representing someone, enabling judges to make a more informed review of the associated expenses.350
There are high hopes generally among both panel attorneys and judges for eVoucher. It seems to have lived up to those hopes at the local level. And while there are many advantages to an on-line billing system from an efficiency standpoint, eVoucher also offers the potential of reinforcing judicial conference policy and pro- viding access to never-before-captured payment information. However, as imple- mented today, eVoucher does not yet live up to the other hopes and expectations many stakeholders had for it on the national level, and it represents a lost opportu- nity to improve the CJA program nationally.
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